What is the price of the raw foam material?2017-09-07T12:25:01+00:00

ERG does not sell Duocel® foam as a raw material. However, the cost to manufacture the foam is $1.50 per cubic inch (16.4 cm^3). This price is before any machining or fabrication to the foam. Please use this price to estimate the cost of material in your part design.

Are there lower limits to part thickness?2017-09-07T12:24:34+00:00

The thickness of a part made from RVC or ceramic should not be lower than, Table 1.1, as a general rule of thumb. This is due to the open-cell structure of the foam. At a thickness less than this, the foam would fall apart, or have very limited strength. However, we can compress the foam to achieve a thickness lower than those listed here. Please contact us to learn lower thickness limits for our other materials.

Table 1.1

Nominal Pore Size Grade Suggested Minimum Sheet Thickness

What types of foam are you able to produce?2017-09-07T12:16:38+00:00

ERG is capable of producing nearly any kind of non-ferrous metal foam, a large variety of ceramic foams, and pure carbon foam. ERG is capable of foaming a variety of metals to produce Duocel® open cell metal foam. Aluminum foam is our most popular, followed by copper foam.

What are some common applications of your foams?2017-09-07T12:15:21+00:00

Open cell reticulated foam is especially useful in heat exchangers/sinks, high quality filters, porous electrodes, baffle structures, fluid flow stabilizers and cores for composite materials. Browse our product gallery to see Duocel® applications.

My application is strictly proprietary, how can I trust you?2017-09-07T12:14:55+00:00

ERG has worked for many years with the federal government and military designing and building parts for various classified applications. We have also worked with many private companies on mission critical parts that require the utmost consideration of privacy. All of our employees sign non-disclosure agreements when they are hired. ERG is accustomed to signing NDA’s with most of our customers.

What is an imagination kit?2017-09-07T12:28:55+00:00

An Imagination Kit is a package containing samples of Duocel® foam. The foam samples are roughly the size of a candy bar.

I’d like some samples, how can I get some?2017-09-07T12:14:06+00:00

Samples of our foams are available with our Imagination Kit. To have an Imagination Kit sent to you, please take a few minutes to fill out a kit request form. The samples are roughly the size of a candy bar and contain examples of the various pore sizes that we can make.

What is the minimum order size?2017-09-07T12:12:54+00:00

The minimum order size is $125.00 .

Does ERG sell bulk foam material?2017-09-07T12:12:26+00:00

No, ERG does not sell raw material for several reasons. ERG’s technical experience allow us to effectively create a design for your specific application needs, and provide valuable insight into the complex material properties of our Duocel® foam. Our in-house engineering and machining connection allows us to ensure quality in your design from drawing to shipping. Our machinists employ proprietary techniques for the manufacturing and processing of your part. These techniques come from over 40 years of experience in dealing with our metal foam

By allowing ERG to assist you in your design and manufacturing process, you will ensure that the material is applied effectively and the part is made efficiently.