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  1. -Lightweight
  2. -Cost Effective
  3. -Good Thermal  Conductivity


  1. -Optimum Thermal  Conductivity
  2. -High Strength
  3. -Atmosphere Corrosion  Resistance

Silicon Carbide

  1. -Low Expansion  Coefficient
  2. -Inert

Why would you use a Duocel® foam heat exchanger?

Compact, high performance heat exchangers utilizing Duocel® aluminum and copper foams are employed when traditional methods of thermal stabilization are inadequate.  Duocel® heat exchangers are custom built and provide more than double the cooling effectiveness than a traditional fin heat exchanger. 


Who uses Duocel® foam heat exchangers?

Duocel® heat exchangers are found in medical and medicinal products, defense systems, industrial power generation plants, semi-conductor, manufacturing and aerospace manned flight.


More Information:

Thermal Conductivity:

The high surface area of Duocel® foam allows optimal transfer of heat to fluid flowing through the foam. Visit our thermal Conductivity page under technical data to see a more in depth explanation of the thermal transfer of our foams.

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