Duocel® Foam

Open Cell Metal, Carbon, and Ceramic Foam

ERG specializes in Metal, Carbon, and Silicon Carbide Duocel® aerospace foam

Each material offers different physical, chemical, and electrical properties.

Duocel® Foam Basics


Duocel® is a customizable open-celled structure

Material properties can be precisely controlled by modifying the base material, pore size, and ligament thickness.

Metal foam liquid heat exchanger
Aluminum Foam Air Oil Separator

Duocel® Metal, Carbon, and Ceramic foams can be used in many custom applications

Duocel® metal foams are commonly used in Heat Exchangers, Air Oil Separators, and Energy Absorbers, while non-metal Duocel® Foams are commonly used as electrodes and in biomedical applicatons. Click More to learn about all the applications for Duocel® Metal Foam.

Open Cell Structure Heat Exchanger
Open Cell Structure Energy Absorber

Engineering | Bonding & Brazing | Heat Treating | Machining | Plating & Chemical Films | Testing

ERG has over 50 years of expertise in both designing and manufacturing Duocel® foam metal components. Our engineers can design and optimize Duocel® metal foam components for performance and manufacturability in a broad variety of applications in the aerospace and other industries.

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