Duocel® Foam Materials

Duocel® Foam Properties

ERG specializes in Aluminum, Copper, Carbon, and Silicon Carbide Duocel® foam

Each material offers different physical, chemical, and electrical properties. Click below to learn more about each material.


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Duocel® Foam Basics

Learn about the properties used to characterize Duocel® Foam

The foam is characterized by Pores Per Inch (PPI), and relative density. These independent characteristics mean that the foam can optimized to fit in your application.


Duocel® Foam Applications

Duocel® Metal, Carbon, and Ceramic foams can be used in many custom applications

Duocel® metal foams are commonly used in Heat Exchangers, Air Oil Separators, and Energy Absorbers, while non-metal Duocel® Foams are commonly used as electrodes and in biomedical applicatons. Click More to learn about all the applications for Duocel® Foam.


Duocel® Foam Capabilities Guide

Engineering | Bonding & Brazing | Heat Treating

Machining | Plating & Chemical Films | Testing

ERG has over 50 years of expertise in both designing and manufacturing Duocel® foam metal components.  Our engineers can design and optimize Duocel® foam components for performance and manufacturability in a broad variety of applications.


Project Gallery

ERG Materials and Aerospace has been providing solutions utilizing Duocel® foamed materials for over 50 years, and is the world leader in aluminum and Vitreous Carbon open celled foams. Here are some of the projects that have contributed to the success of our customers.


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