Frequently Asked Questions


What materials does Duocel® foam come in?

ERG produces Duocel® in various metals, carbon, and ceramics. For a complete list of our current production offerings, please visit our materials page.

What are some common applications of your foams?

The unique structure of open celled foam is used in a wide variety of applications. Please check out our applications page and browse our product gallery to learn more about common Duocel® applications.

Are there manufacturing limitations to Duocel®?

There are some fabrication limitations due to the foam’s structure, but in general, it can be fabricated similar to conventional solid materials.

The primary limitations are part thickness and feature control, which vary with the pore size of the foam. For a foam with large pores, the part needs to be thick enough to hold its structure together. The same concept applies to fine part features, such as sharp edges, small holes, precise angles, etc.

As a general rule of thumb, below is a table of suggested minimum thicknesses for carbon and ceramic foams. Metal foams generally follow these same thickness limitations, but we can compress the structure to achieve a thinner panel, as needed.

Please contact us to discuss the manufacturability of your design concepts.

Nominal Pore Size GradeSuggested Minimum Sheet Thickness

What certifications and credentials does ERG have?  Do you work on proprietary and sensitive projects?

ERG is an AS9100 Rev D certified company. We are also a SDVOSB. We regularly work on proprietary and sensitive government/military projects, as well as many mission-critical projects for private companies, and carry those confidentiality principles to all of our business dealings. We can send you an NDA or review your company NDA, and start from there.

I’m interested in Duocel®; how can I get some samples?

Please contact us to discuss your application and request samples.

Alternatively, check with our distributor Duocelfoam.com to purchase some samples for your R&D exploration. If you have any questions while experimenting with the samples, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

Does ERG sell raw Duocel® foam?  Can I get a rough price estimate?

ERG does not sell raw Duocel® material. We have found that with our 50+ years of design experience and knowledge of the material, we provide significant assistance to our customers with incorporation of Duocel® into their high performance design solutions. We specialize in small and large scale production and can support one-off designs, or production runs of 100K+ parts per year. As a result, ERG does not sell Duocel® foam as a raw material.

Final pricing depends on many factors including design complexity, foam configuration, order quantity, tolerances, etc. A good rule of thumb for rough order pricing is $5-10 per cubic inch, but we encourage you to contact us to find out more.

If you are interested in samples of Duocel® foam, please visit our distributor Duocelfoam.com