Duocel® Foam Breather Plugs

What are foam breather plugs?

Foam breather plugs are designed to restrict liquid flow for maximum control and surge protection.  These breather plugs work extremely well to prevent spills due to flow rate fluctuations.

Why would you use Duocel® foam breather plugs?

Porous Aluminum foam is ideal for preventing sudden surges in liquids due to its open cell nature and the ability of fluid to flow through the material. By adjusting the porosity of the foam it is possible to control the fluid flow. The unique nature of open cells allows the foam to breath while providing protection against foreign debris, electro magnetic interference (EMI) and potentially harmful environmental hazards. In addition the Duocel® foam acts to wick moisture out of electrical boxes while maintaining the ability to withstand military specification corrosive salt tests.

Who uses Duocel® foam breather plugs?

The specifically designed Duocel® breather plugs are particularly useful in applications requiring quick equalization of pressure changes such as guided munitions.

Pressure Drop

With our extensive knowledge of the pressure drop characteristics of our foam we can work with you to figure out the best porosity, compression, and material to fit your application. For generic numbers visit our technical data page on pressure drop.


  • Lightweight
  • Cost Effective