Duocel Foam Applications

What is Duocel® Foam used for?

Duocel® metal foams are commonly used in Heat Exchangers, Air Oil Separators, and Energy Absorbers, while non-metal Duocel® Foams are commonly used as electrodes and in high-temperature applications. Click below to learn more about applications for Duocel® Foam.


Air Oil Separators

Air-Oil Separators are typically used in aircraft engine gearboxes to separate oil from hot exhaust gases where high performance is required in a compact and lightweight design.

Heat Exchangers

Duocell heat exchangers are used when traditional methods of thermal stabilization are inadequate. Metal foam heat exchangers provide more than double the cooling effectiveness of a traditional fin heat exchanger.

Energy Absorbers

Energy absorbers diffuse kinetic mechanical energy from any angle by compressing or deflecting at a relatively constant stress over an extended distance without any rebound.


Duocel metal foam is ideal for preventing sudden surges in liquids due to its open cell nature and the ability of fluid to flow through the material.

CO2 Scrubbers

Duocel metal foam is used as the heat exchange media and granulated chemical support matrix for the atmospheric carbon dioxide control system on the space shuttle and the International Space Station.

Flame Arrestors

Aluminum Duocel® foam flame arrestors prevent flammability through the material and provide up to 80% heat reduction on the opposing side. The breather plugs also protect against foreign debris, EMI, and environmental hazards.


Duocel silicon carbide foam is routinely utilized in high temperature filter applications that exceed the temperature of our conventional metal and ceramic foams.

Breather Plugs

Metal foam breather plugs prevent sudden surges in fluids and can help control their flow. The breather plugs also protect against foreign debris, EMI, and environmental hazards.


Duocel® carbon foam combines the electrochemical properties of solid glassy carbon and the open celled nature of Duocel®.

Acoustic Applications

Aluminum and carbon Duocel material reduces sound coloration. The foam also helps with electrical and wind shielding to produce clear sounds recordings.

Cryogenic Tanks

Solid cryogenic coolers utilize Duocel® aluminum foam as an isothermalizer and baffle structure. Keeping a solid cryogen at a uniform temperature gives the infrared optics a longer useful lifetime.

EMI Shields

Duocel® EMI shields help reduce the electromagnetic interference using the conductive foam. The internally reflective nature of the foam interferes with harmful electromagnetic waves.


The Duocel® aluminum foam composite optics are fabricated for airborne laser communication systems and provides an extremely stable isothermal platform.

Biomedical Applications

The open-celled, interconnected structure of Duocel® foam mimics that of the cancellous bone material found in our own bodies, especially when made in the same 8-10% density.