Duocel® Foam Heat Exchangers


  • Lightweight
  • Cost Effective
  • Good Thermal  Conductivity


  • Optimum Thermal  Conductivity
  • High Strength
  • Atmosphere Corrosion  Resistance

Silicon Carbide

  • Low Expansion  Coefficient
  • Inert

What is a foam heat exchanger?

A foam heat exchanger is a compact, high performance heat exchanger used when traditional methods of thermal stabilization are inadequate. Duocel® heat exchangers are custom built and provide more than double the cooling effectiveness than a traditional fin heat exchanger.

Who uses Duocel® foam heat exchangers?

Duocel® heat exchangers are found in medical and medicinal products, defense systems, industrial power generation plants, semi-conductor, manufacturing and aerospace manned flight.

Thermal Conductivity

The high surface area of Duocel® foam allows optimal transfer of heat to fluid flowing through the foam. Visit our thermal Conductivity page under technical data to see a more in depth explanation of the thermal transfer of our foams.

What is a Foam Phase Change Heat Exchanger?

Phase Change Heat Exchangers are cooling systems where the natural chance of phase of the cooling medium allows it to circulate the system without outside means of mechanical propulsion.  For example the media could evaporate and move to the top of the cooling system.  When cooled and recondensed into liquid, gravity will bring it back down to the heat source.