Duocel® Acoustic Metal Foam Devices

What is an acoustic foam device?

Acoustic foam devices are generally microphones designed around a metal foam for professional use.  Using aluminum foam provides electrical and wind shielding, to minimize sound coloration.

Who uses acoustic metal foam devices?

Foam microphones are considered high end and used by professional recording artists in the studio.  They may also be used to capture sounds in nature by biologists and other researchers.

How does Duocel® make a great microphone?

Duocel foam makes an excellent microphone because the open cell structure and high uniformity accurately capture high quality audio signals.  Acoustic metal foam not only reduces wind noise and other interference, the metal isolates voices and reduces background noise by reflecting outside sounds within the arc of the inner foam microphone.

Why ERG? 

ERG has designed, developed, and delivered microphones for a variety of industry’s, including professional studio recording.  ERG has the experience and engineering expertise to precisely adjust the Duocel® parameters to design an acoustic metal foam device that will meet your needs. We have a 50-year history of making quality Duocel® material and is certified to AS9100 Rev D. ERG is a vertically integrated company focused on customer service and turning ideas into production devices.


  • Lightweight
  • Cost Effective


  • Lightweight
  • Cost Effective
  • Corrosion Resistant