Duocel® Foam Flame Arrestors

What is a foam flame arrestor?

Foam flame arrestors are designed to prevent flame propagation across the material while allowing overpressure gases to vent. Typically, foam flame arrestors are used in vent lines and housings to contain flames to a designated volume.

Why use a Duocel® flame arrestor?

Duocel® is an ideal material because it can be customized to any system.

The open cells allow gases to vent off, but the tortuous nature of the material prevents the flame from propagating across the material. This helps prevent a flame from creating an explosion.

A typical Duocel® flame arrestor is designed to maximize the surface area within allowable pressure drop limits in order to create a tortuous path flames can’t travel through, in a thin and lightweight panel.

Duocel® has high structural integrity that allows it to integrate into a system; for example, Duocel® can be bonded into a solid threaded housing allowing easy installation.

Who uses Duocel® foam flame arrestors?

Duocel® flame arrestors are used in many flight and marine applications. For flight, it’s been integrated into electronics boxes for both commercial and military aircraft, serving a function of both a breather plug (allowing the pressure to equalize between the box and atmosphere) and protecting against flames in the event of an unwanted explosion.


  • Prevents flame propagation across material
  • Allows overpressure to vent off
  • Customizable to system pressure drop requirements
  • Easy integration into any system
  • Flight proven for commercial and military aircraft


  • Maximize surface area in thin panel with small pore size and compression
  • Maintain high structural integrity by tuning ligament cross section

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