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Duocel® foam is used as an energy absorber in AEROSPACE

How does a Duocel® Energy Absorber work and what are its advantages? When a force or load is applied to Duocel® Metal Foam, it permanently deforms and compresses; densifying as its pores collapse and its ductile ligaments bend and buckle. Protection in all directions.   No Pneumatic rebound.  Reliable in extreme conditions. For more detailed info,…
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Oakland School District Manufacturing Day

ERG Aerospace was fortunate enough to participate in Oakland School District’s Manufacturing Day on October 6, 2022.  We were honored to host this well attended event.    About 50 students from local high schools toured our Oakland facility and learned about manufacturing companies in the bay area.   Additional information about this program may be…
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Sound Absorption and Transmission Loss Properties of Open-Celled Aluminum Foams

Sparks, NV – ERG Aerospace is excited to announce the article Sound absorption and transmission loss properties of open-celled aluminum foams with stepwise relative density gradients has been published in volume 193 (May 2022) of ScienceDirect. ERG supported Wichita State University’s project, with funding from NASA. This article is the first publication in support of the ongoing project;…
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